March 18–20

UA1350, UOIT North Campus

Facebook Event

LANWAR Throwback is a weekend long LAN party for UOIT and DC students.


Our March 2016 event will be a throwback to older LANWARs. We’ll be hosting UOIT/DC students and alumni focusing on a more casual, fun atmosphere while still offering tournaments, prizing, and giveaways.

DC/UOIT students and alumni are allowed to bring friends, but tickets must be bought at the school. We’re also planning a bigger and better LANWAR X for everyone in the fall!

Doors open March 18 @ 10pm and runs until Sunday afternoon.

UOIT North Campus

Offical tournaments, side tournaments, prizes and giveaways

Tickets are $15 for students, and $20 for alumni.

We’re selling tickets in the UA Atrium, and Vendor’s Alley (Durham College), 10am to 2pm everyday until the event!

Main Tournaments

Side Tournaments

King of Games

plus, our traditional Twinkie eating contest


Where can I buy tickets?

We’ll be selling in the UA Atrium, and Vendor’s Alley (Durham College), from 10am-2pm everyday until the event. Follow us on Facebook to stay updated.

I’m not a UOIT/DC student or alumni, can I still attend?

Friends of students are allowed to attend, but all tickets must be bought at the school. See above for ticket selling times and locations.

Am I allowed to play games other than tournament games at the event?

You are more than welcome to play any game you choose. We will even assist you in finding other players who might be interested in playing the same game! Just give us a shout out and we would be more than happy to make an announcement for you!

What do I need to bring to the event in order to get in?

You must have your ticket and student ID ready to show us so that we can check you in. You will also receive a Lanyard for the event that you must keep on at all times!

How many tournaments can I take part in?

You can take part in as many tournaments as you like, so long as the tournament times don’t conflict in our schedule. The schedule will be released and posted here closer to the event.

I don’t have a team for League/Dota/CS: GO, but I still want to play. What can I do?

It is preferred that you come with your own team, however we will try our best to put you in a team if you do not have one. Note that we cannot guarantee that you will be placed in a team as we don’t know how many others will also be free agents.

You can also try finding a team by making a post on our Facebook event page.